Tools Menu

Open Find Dialog

Find commands, policies, ddas by searching by filename or text.

Open New Editor Window

Open Oracular Editor (not tied to any server).

Re-Cache Commands/Tables/Columns

Reloads the lists used in the completion dialogs and other places.

Clear History File

Every command executed is saved in a file of the format host__port.mds in the History folder. This option will delete the file.

Reload Commands/Tables

Reloads the lists used to generate the popup suggestions.

Local RP Instances

Shows all the local RP instances on your machine and allows you to open LES, a command prompt with env.bat, mtfdevice, or KevTerm.

RF Picker

This takes a schbat, devcod, password, useLocalForms, and your windows user/pass to start Kevterm and pick everything on the wave.

Automated Task Editor

A tool to write scripts to automate common tasks (open RF to a specific screen, open GUI to a specific screen, etc)

New in 2010.4: Write Groovy code within square brackets ([[String str = "abc"]]).
To run a command, call<command>, params) (e.g., "putty")).

DDA Wizard

A tool to easily create DDAs by generating the CSVs needed from the given information.

DB Compare

This tool allows comparison of a table between two servers. Options are available to ignore date/times, ignore certain columns, and generate the insert statements needed to move data from one environment to the other.


Enter a part number in the first box and hit enter to see all the alternate part numbers.

Parse RDT from .dat

Takes in a form name and the location of the .dat file (vehicle or handheld) and outputs the form in RDT format. This has not been put to practical use yet, so the output may not be 100% accurate.

Zebra Emulator

Open a .OUT file containing ZPL and this will attempt to render an approximation of the label.

Rollout Generator

Drag files from Windows Explorer to add to the rollout. Enter a name, press Generate and a new rollout will be created in the Oracular MOCA Client\Rollouts folder.

Generate CTL from CSV

Enter the table name and the number of primary key columns, choose a CSV file, and a dialog will pop up with the text needed.

Parse Seamles Log

Parse logs produced by Integrator

Parse SLExp

Parse .slexp files (Integrator exports)

Issue Manager

Manage Oracular's issues and rollouts

Rollout Generator

Rollout Merger