DB Compare


Choose menu option MOCA Log->Database Trace with Script

Load Recent

Click the button to load the combo box with recent traces (defaulted to the current day)

Insert into DB

Enter a trace filename (the full path to the log directory is not necessary).

Click "Insert into DB".

It runs the script "Log/Load into DB" to create the tables usr_temp_sql_trace_analysis and usr_temp_cmd_trace_analysis and load them with the lines of the given trace file.


Check the SQL? box to search usr_temp_sql_trace_analysis or usr_temp_cmd_trace_analysis.

Command: usr_temp_cmd_trace_analysis.uc_cmd

Command Arguments: usr_temp_cmd_trace_analysis.uc_args

Bound SQL: usr_temp_sql_trace_analysis.uc_bound_sql

Unbound SQL: usr_temp_sql_trace_analysis.uc_unbound_sql