Edit Server Files

This function was developed to provide a way of reading the files on a remote server if we did not have telnet access. The start directory is $LESDIR/src/cmdsrc.

Upload/Download File

These functions were developed to send files back and forth between a remote server if we did not have FTP access.

Set Environment Variables

Sets variables available as @@<VAR_NAME> for the current tab.

Load Grid from CSV

Loads the table from a .csv file.

Save Grid to CSV

Saves the table to a .csv file.

Save Grid to CSV w/PK

Saves the table to a .csv file with each row in its own file.

DB Backup/Restore

Opens a dialog of tables to include/exclude from the backup, then writes them in CSV form to a ZIP file when you click “Start Backup”. You can also restore a backup made previously by optionally truncating the existing table and inserting the rows in the file.

Client-Side MLoad (NOT using mload.exe on the server)

MLoad current tab

Allows you to load the data in the .csv’s selected into the environment of the current tab. Filenames are expected to be the table name to load, have the table name after 2 underscores (i.e. USR-DDA__dda_mst.csv), or have the table name then a dash (i.e prtmst-30870.csv). Any errors will displayed in a popup box.

MUnload current tab

This works the same as MLoad, but removes the data instead.

MLoad with current tab as CTL

Uses the tab’s text as though it were a .ctl file and processes each line of the file through it. This is useful for loading large CSVs as the entire file is not loaded, just line-by-line. The progress is shown in the status bar.

Get MLoad/MUnload commands

Used for easily generating a script to load/unload.

Server-Side MLoad (using mload.exe on the server)

The .csv and .ctl file must reside on the server in db/data/load

Get Inserts/Updates/Result Set

Get Inserts/Updates was developed to facilitate the moving of data from one environment to another. Get Inserts uses the active table to create an insert statement for each row of the table. Get Updates creates a sl_change gen_maint command for each row. All functions place the result in the clipboard for easy pasting to another window.